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Work Samples

these are some of our more interesting personal projects


A GUI tool for Git that works for MacOS, Linux and Windows.
It supports most of Git's basic features plus some of the more advanced ones such as merging conflicts, nice blame tool and others.
Developed mostly with ElectronJS, TypeScript and C++.


Chess Mobile Game

A chess game where the user can play against the computer or with their friends over the Internet.
It supports most of the popular platforms - iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Android phones and TV, Amazon FireTV and tablets.
Developed in C# and Unity3D.

AppStore | Google Play Store | Amazon App Store

SaaS that provides appointment management software for beauty/spa salons and others.
Developed mostly with TypeScript.


Blaze Fireplace

Beautiful virtual fireplaces for Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon FireTV.
A native application built in Swift and Java.

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